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Welcome to Michigan Monster!

Michigan Monster is Michigan's social media site for bands, artists or anyone from Michigan.

Indie artists can post their music and media and network with people accross the state.

Wether you make music or not you can join our community, seek fame and fortune or just meet some cool people.

Cover bands are welcome too, but please do not upload music or media you do not own. There is a YouTube module on the site to link YouTube videos for any artist. If YouTube or MySpace is ok with the cover material you can link to the media there from your Michigan Monster profile page.

If you have any problems using the site, have a question or just want to share something login to our forum or contact us here and someone will help you.

Thanks for stopping by.

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Monster Buzz #5310
by admin22
Hello fellow Band Heads,Thanks for supporting the site over the last four months of our continued development. Over the past couple of...
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Monster Buzz #2610
by admin22
Hi fellow band heads,First let me thank everyone for supporting the site in it's first month of existence. Over the last few weeks over...
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