Monster Buzz #5310
by admin22, 05/03/10 11:30:59 AM

Hello fellow Band Heads,

Thanks for supporting the site over the last four months of our continued development. Over the past couple of months we have been updating the site by adding some new features and tweaking some old ones.

We now have a Facebook application that lets people support you by adding a player of your songs to their Facebook profile page. If you have music posted on Michigan Monster, go to your page and look for the "Support this artist on Facebook" link on the left. Clicking on the link will prompt you to add a player to your FB page. Once you have the app installed on Facebook you can invite friends from there or just send them to your Monster page to click on the link. If you get stuck feel free to drop us a line for help.

BTW, if you already installed the app you may want to remove it and re-add it. We've made some changes since we first launched the app.

Our log in button has changed a bit. Now when you log in you will be taken directly to your profile page. To access the control panel to make changes to your profile, click on the Control Panel button on the top of your profile page once you are logged in.

If you haven't done so in a while you may want to log into Michigan Monster and check your mail. You could have some reviews, messages or friend requests in there. Mail links are in the blue area on the top of the control panel page.

When we first launched the site, bands and fans were required to have a Michigan location to sign up for the site. Bands and entertainers still need to be from Michigan or have a Michigan connection (used to live here or whatever), but now fans from any location in the world are allowed to create a fan profile page. Spread the word to your friend lists.

One last note: We still have a few profiles with out any pictures, music or info. If you signed up with the site you can update your profile by logging in and going to the control panel. We're happy to offer help if you need it.

Thanks for supporting Michigan Music.